Current and Upcoming
LOVADA auction . 1/1 cleanNFT animation of backstage of Blender set up
for the shooting of the 14th Floor music video for Auld Spells​​​​​​​

Cryptovoxels . Co-curated Flora/Fauna Exhibit - 6 month anniversary of our
CleanNFT exhibit for Earth Day . collaborator
TheBadLament . 2021
Seven Virtual Seas featured in the EcoNFT exhibit at FIVARS
See the seas in a virtual gallery HERE
See the entire FIVARS CleanNFT exhibit on the first floor of Studio Pearl
(click on screen and move mouse to look around WASD keys to move)

Organized CleanNFT Guild exhibit in Mintbase 3XR Gallery
Cryptovoxels . Vox Walk . Pearl Hyacinth . voxel wearables  . 2021

Curating for the 
CleanNFT community and discord Near Guild . 2021
Decentraland . Perla Art Gallery . 1 year pop-up built for WOCA and DADA . 2021
Coming Soon . Timekeeper Gallery in New Art City and others not quite finished

Birds and Language Conference . virtual pop-up exhibit . Cryptovoxels
Pearl Hyacinth Map Gallery Portal Hub for VRTO . 2021

Second LIfe Endowment for the Arts Land Grant . Region 6 . Jan - June 2021
Mozilla Hubs . Oregon Snowlands . created for New Year's Superhighway 2020/21
spatialized sound installation . collaboration with musicians: 

Dana Reason and Mike Gamble

Pearl Hyacinth Takes a Sound Walk by Standing Still in Six Virtual Worlds
Soundbox - A Zoom of One's Own . 2021

Silent Blaze . machinima shot in Second Life for Dana Reason for
Experimental improvisation Fest . 2020
Music videos created for Auld Spells
14thFloor and That's the Way it Goes (collaboration with Zak Margolis) . 2020​​​​​​​

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