Current and Upcoming

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2023 . mowna OUTRAGEOUS! Exhibition : Feb 1 - April 30

2023 . remix for Internet Archives . The Garden

2022 . Presented with thebadlament about the cleanNFT community
at SPARKS  ACM SIGGRAPH - NFTs and the Non-fungible Experience
Moderated by Johannes DeYoung and Melentie Pandilovski
2022 . Contributed to Tezos comic zine Sloth #6
Edited by Burka Bayram and Ozan Bilaloğlu 

2022 . Collage remix collaboration . on Versum marketplace
Virtual exhibit in Protoworld

2022 . 4 screens pop-up art exhibition at
Screen 01 curated by Michelle Browncollage creature

2022 . Included in Halo Gallery exhibit curated by Dina Chang
as part of the Here & Now 1/1 Tezos events

2022 . Helped to organize first group Teia & cleanNFT exhibit in Tz1and 
2022 . Featured in The Tickle, a weekly cleanNFT zine

2020 - 2021

2021 . Collage exhibited at the Schneider Museum in Ashland as part of a collection
donated to the museum by the amazing Glenda Goldwater

2021 . Cryptovoxels . Co-curated Flora/Fauna CleanNFT exhibit for Earth Day with TheBadLament

2021 . Co-curator on FIVARS CleanNFT exhibit - first floor of Studio Pearl

2021 . Organized CleanNFT Near Guild exhibit in Mintbase 3XR Gallery

2021 . Playa Residency Benefit Auction

2021 . Birds and Language Conference . installed virtual pop-up exhibit in Cryptovoxels
for curator/artist, Madeleine Kelly

2021 . Pearl Hyacinth Map Gallery Portal Hub for VRTO

2021 . Second LIfe Endowment for the Arts Land Grant . Region 6

2020 . Video : Pearl Hyacinth Takes a Sound Walk by Standing Still in Six Virtual Worlds
Streamed for Soundbox - A Zoom of One's Own

2020 . Silent Blaze . machinima shot in Second Life for Dana Reason for
Experimental improvisation Fest

2020 . Music videos created for Auld Spells
14thFloor and That's the Way it Goes (collaboration with Zak Margolis)

2020 . Metaverse Report avatar presentation for VRTO
and What Is It Like To Be an Avatar Being a Bat
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