Virtual World Links (web based builds and HQs)

Timekeeper World . built for the New Art City Festival 2022

Ice Maze . created for MoNA's first buildathon . 2021

Oregon Snowlands . built for New Year's Superhighway 2021
(collaboration with musicians: Dana Reason and Mike Gamble)

Protoworld HQ ***

Tz1and  HQ ***
Voxels HQ in San Francisco ***

Vox Walk . voxel wearables

OnCyber . "Hands and Eyes" exhibit curated from Tezos cleanNFT collection 2022

Decentraland . Perla Art Gallery . 1 year pop-up built for WOCA and DADA 2021

Styly Moonrise . first VR world build 2018

Coming soon (or eventually)  - list of application based HQs and builds