Optic Gallery is in a small but elegant room on the second floor of a building built in 1888. The space used to be an opticians office in its very early years. We are a temporary project space created by myself and whichever artists I am working with to share and support each other. It is a non-profit space which exists in and as a side room to my studio practice.


Lisa Temple-Cox . Reception April 11th . 5-8

Lisa Temple-Cox is an artist and independent researcher based at Cuckoo Farm Studios in Colchester, UK. Her current interests revolve around the aesthetics and symbolism of the medical museum; using its collections, taxonomies, and histories as metaphors for a contemporary subjective experience of the body, in life and death. Her history as a mixed-race, post- colonial child informs a practice exploring interstices: between science and religion, the normal and the pathological, the familiar and the uncanny. Her visual research interrogates the aesthetics and histories of the anatomical museum, using its objects, collections, and taxonomies as metaphors for a contemporary subjective experience of the self and the body. These themes are visualized through mixed-media processes which include drawing, assemblage, and installation.

Julia Oldham . Reception March 25th . 5-8

Ahab’s Mother, a series of ink drawings by Eugene-based artist Julia Oldham, follows a woman through the depths of the ocean as she drifts among schools of sardines and shivers of mermaids and alongside a giant white whale. Borrowing from both the visual language of graphic novels and the classic illustrations of Moby Dick by Rockwell Kent, Oldham creates dreamy images about longing for impossible companionship with animals and seeking the darkest and most mysterious places.

Nasty Woman

This show features 10 amazing women artists who are all teachers at Oregon State University and University of Oregon.

We are coming together to protest against the misogyny of the incoming administration. We are coming together in solidarity with the women’s marches occurring around the United States. This show is meant to display the strength, innovation, talent, fortitude, unity, and excellence of women in our community.

Event photo: University of Oregon women’s basketball team taken in the 1910s. University of Oregon Libraries – Special Collections and University Archives

Please visit Optic Gallery for its first show, on the evening of the 3rd Thursday January Arts Walk. 5:30 to 8:30 on Thursday, January 19th.

Exhibiting Artists:
Amanda Tasse
Amanda Wojick
Anna Fidler
Anya Kivarkis
Jessie Rose Vala
Julia Bradshaw
Julie Green
Shelley Jordon
Tannaz Farsi
Terri Warpinski

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Special event: Monday from 3-4 pm at the gallery.
Artist: Karin Bolender https://ruralalchemy.com

In honor of Not-My-President’s Day, this intimate, improvisational ceremony, led by K-Haw Hart and hosted by Optic Gallery in Corvallis, Oregon, will bring some worried, wondering humans together to artfully question/resist the opacity and absurdity of present political regimes. As we gently pass around a Mother (the thick, fleshy, semi-translucent body of symbiotically cultured bacteria and yeast that brews an ancient drink called kombucha), we will ask the Mother questions sourced from the lyrics of the Pink Floyd song by that same name. Other questions and gestures are also welcome.

One of the Bad and Nasty Not-My-President Day events