My work spans multiple disciplines and mediums, including hand-cut and digital collage, curation, video, photography, 3D building in and for VR, and site-specific installation. I have exhibited my work at prestigious venues such as the Portland Art Museum, Nine Gallery, PDX Gallery, the Art Gym, and Reed College, among others.
Currently, I am a PhD student in social creative virtual worlds and zoosemiotics at the University of New South Wales in Sydney, Australia, where I build in many virtual worlds and utilize my conceptual collage methodology. I am represented by Elizabeth Leach Gallery, and Pearl Hyacinth is my representative in-worlds.
My interests are centered around the intersection of technology, the environment, and zoosemiotics. I am particularly concerned with the rapid destruction of the environment and how animals are often overlooked as subjective beings with their own embodied forms of language and culture. I believe that recent developments in technology, especially virtual worlds, provide an opportunity to challenge normalized assumptions about "reality" and our place in the natural world.
In addition to my art practice, I have participated in prestigious artist residencies around the world, including Paris, Quebec, Iceland, Switzerland, California, Austria, and Oregon. I have also curated video work for the Portland Institute of Contemporary Art TBA festival, Cornell University, Hallwalls, and Echo Park in Los Angeles.
One of my notable works includes a 30-foot chandelier at the Nines Hotel in downtown Portland, modeled after the sound waveforms of birdsong. I have also had books published by several small presses in Portland and have been included in artist collections. In recent years, I have been actively involved in the cleanNFT movement.
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