Pearls and Hibiscus . 2018 . New Orleans collage





Melody Owen


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That's the Way it Goes Music video for Auld Spells
Collaboration with Zak Margolis 2020


14th Floor Animated collage video for Auld Spells 2020


Silent Blaze Machinima shot in Second Life for Dana Reason 2020


Pearl Hyacinth Takes a Sound Walk by Standing Still in Six Virtual Worlds Created for Soundbox - A Zoom of One's Own 2021



Virtual World Builds:


Oregon Music Land Spatialized sound piece for NYE event
Collaboration with Dana Reason and Mike Gamble 2020


Cryptovoxel land lent by Jin Pearl's CV studio 2021


Cryptovoxel land lent by MVB Public Pool Gallery and Portal Hub 2021


Perla Art Gallery Featuring the work of WOCA and DADA in Decentraland 2021


Second Life Endowment for the Arts Ongoing work in progress build in Second Life 2021



RL Gallery and Museum Exhibits:


Exhibit at Elizabeth Leach Gallery Recent collage 2020


Ticket to the Moon at the Kunsthalle Krems . Austria
July to November, 2019



Conversations and Presentations:


Conversation with DADA NYC
Feb 11 . 2021


Presentation at VRTO
Avatar Presentation 2020


Awarded full international scholarship to work towards PhD at University of New South Wales in Art and Media .
Research will combine virtual reality, ecology,
sound, and animal studies . starting October, 2019