Herzog's Skis . part of the group show Of Walking in Ice . all works inspired by Herzog's brilliant book of same name at Soil Gallery and White Box . 2010

Text used from Of Walking in Ice about Herzog's walk from Germany to Paris:


A Spanish priest was reading mass in bad English; he sang in awful tones into the over-amplified microphone, but behind him was some ivy on the stone wall, and there the sparrows were chattering, chattering so close to the microphone that one couldn’t understand the priest anymore.  The sparrows were amplified a hundred-fold.  Then a pale young girl collapsed on the steps and died. Someone daubed cool water on her lips, but she preferred Death.


At the seashore below, there were massive dead ships sitting motionless.  At the fortress were only white creatures: white hares, white doves, and even the goldfish in the crystal pond are white.  And then the Incredible: the peacocks are white, they are albinos, like snow, their eyes light red.  A peacock spreads its white wheel, and other peacocks sit screeching in the trees, but only now and then do they mingle their shrieking voices with the shrieking rain.


-Werner Herzog